One of the many things that make CK Catering such a fantastic catering company is that we have a variety of different options available when you begin planning your wedding. One of the things that you can choose to make your wedding unique is the style of service. CK has four different styles of service you can choose from: plated, family, buffet, and stationed.

If you’d like to serve your guests in a very sophisticated manner, then the plated dinner may be your best option. CK offers two packages for this service. The first is a dual plated dinner, where each plate will contain two entrées along with the sides. The second is plated with choices. With this option, guests will choose, when they RSVP, which entrée they would like to eat (i.e. champagne chicken, beef tenderloin, or grilled salmon). Each guest will have his meal brought directly to his seat.

However, if you want to be more inclusive on your big night, you might choose family style. In this style of service, four or five dishes, each with enough food to feed the entire group, will be brought out to every table. The guests will pass the platters around, sharing as friends and family.

But perhaps you are a more relaxed couple, or you have that, ‘do it yourself’ attitude. Then look no further than either our buffet or stationed style of service. This is a very low maintenance way to serve all of your guests and to ensure that they have just the right amount of food. With our buffet service, guests will walk through our double sided buffet line and choose whatever looks good. The stationed service is similar, although the food will be located at different stations throughout the room.

Of course, if you have different courses; for example: salad, dinner, and dessert; you may choose to mix and match these styles of service in whatever way sounds best to you. We are here to serve you and make your night as special as it can be.