One of the reasons CK Catering has become the leading catering business in Southwest Michigan during the last 12 years, is that we grill your food on site! This is a fairly unique gift that we are able to offer you. Not many catering companies will grill your food seconds before you eat it. Our mouth-watering food will be delivered, still steaming and delicious. We are able to do this because we have several grills; enough for each of our many elegant venues that we service in one night.

Many other catering companies do not have the provisions necessary to grill on site. They will cook all of your food in the kitchen and then bring it to your wedding. In this case, the food cannot taste as fresh as it does when it goes directly from the hot grill to your plate.

Other catering companies may have one or two grills, but in this case, they will have to pick and choose which weddings receive the fresh food. Or, these companies may even charge extra fees for the grills or chefs. At CK, this doesn’t happen. Our grills and experienced chefs are included in every wedding package. We make sure that every bride and groom is our first priority. Each couple is special to us and we will do anything we can to make your night perfect.

We know that dinner is an insanely important part of your wedding! Because of this, we guarantee that we will grill on site for your wedding. Your night will be filled with wondrous aromas that you can enjoy all night! You don’t have to worry whether or not your food will be fresh or hot. It will be. That’s a promise!