Are you ready to start planning your wedding! As a caterer, I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, and I’ve seen it all! People often ask me, “Is it weird if I do…?” And I always tell them, “Of course not! It’s your wedding and anything goes.”

Here are 10 creative ideas to keep in mind!

  1. For your table numbers, have pictures of the bride and groom when they were that age. For table 1, show the wedding couple when they were 1, and so on.
  2. Another fun idea is to have each table represent a part of your relationship. I remember one couple that loved to play board games; so each of their tables was a different board game!
  3. It’s important to have a guest book at your wedding. Try having your guests make video recordings instead. Let them leave a video message for you. They can be notes of advice or funny messages. Either way, it’ll be something you can always look back on!
  4. Photo booths are always a hit! Bring out the funny hats and oversized sunglasses. It’ll give you a laugh and your friends another fun thing to do!
  5. For the bride: consider having two different dresses. Pick an elegant, princess ball gown for your ceremony. And then, for the reception, change into your white party dress!
  6. Do the bride and groom really know each other? Find out with the shoe game! Have your DJ or best man ask a serious of questions about the couple, where the answer is either the bride or groom, while they sit back to back. If the answer is the groom, they should both hold up the groom’s shoe; and the same for the bride. It’ll be funny to see if they agree.
  7. Some couples light paper lanterns and let them float through the sky. Once all your guests light one, it is absolutely beautiful!
  8. Instead of having your guests clink on their glasses to get you to kiss, tell the tables they need to sing the chorus from a song to get the wedding couple to kiss. It’ll be hilarious, and you’ll probably save some glasses from breaking.
  9. When your guests RSVP, have them write down 1-3 of their favorite songs to dance to. Then, give these songs to the DJ to play throughout the evening. That way, your dance floor is sure to be packed all night.
  10. FIREWORKS! At one of the coolest weddings I’ve ever been to, the couple ended their night with fireworks. In America, we use fireworks at our biggest celebration. If you’re wedding is near water, consider using fireworks to celebrate the biggest night of your life!