Winter is one of the best seasons you could get married in. When people think of weddings, they don’t necessarily think of winter. But the winter season offers many new and fresh ideas!

First of all, it’s gorgeous! Yes, summer can be beautiful with its lakes and grassy fields. But, you cannot escape the magic and serenity of winter. If you turn your head a certain way, the ice almost looks like crystals and diamonds.

The cold may make you tentative, but it should make you excited! The freezing weather gives you an excuse to use some of your favorite beverages: hot chocolate, spiced cider, and gourmet coffee! These beverage stations can be a great way to greet and warm up your guests. And believe me, they’ll be thankful.

Now, if you’re worried about being cold, this is a fantastic opportunity to dress up your gown. Add a fur coat or boots to your outfit. Even if you only use this for your pictures, it’ll be unique and chic, and not to mention, warm.



Your decorations will be to die for! Summer is about picnics and flowers, but winter offers something much more elegant. Remember what I said about the icicles? This is your chance to unleash your inner sparkle! Use crystals and put your mini candles into glass jars. It’s beautiful! A silver and blue theme can easily turn into a winter wonderland.

Sleigh Rides! Need I say more? Arrive or leave in a horse drawn carriage. Be that romantic movie you love. Or, better yet, offer sleigh rides to your guests throughout the night. That will be unforgettable.


Let’s talk honeymoons. It’s always fun to go somewhere tropical. But it will be even more fantastic if you go somewhere warm in the winter. And your anniversaries will give you the perfect excuse to escape the snow.

Or, maybe you like the snow. Go to Iceland. They have fantastic honeymoon igloos. And no, you won’t be cold.

A winter wedding is not just beautiful, it is also smart. Many catering companies and vendors are not as busy in the winter. You will never have to compete to be the center of attention. Furthermore, most companies offer discounts during the winter months. And, CK Catering is not an exception. We have discounts available for this season. For further information you can email us at or call us at 269-849-0693.

Some available winter venues are:

The Brick:

The Heritage Museum and Cultural Center:

Holland Fish and Game Club:

Journeyman Distillery:

The Morris Supper Club:

Sarett Nature Center: