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I run the blog for CK Catering! I've been working with CK for 3 years and I absolutely love it. I would definitely consider using CK in my future.

Wonderful Winter Weddings

Winter is one of the best seasons you could get married in. When people think of weddings, they don’t necessarily think of winter. But the winter season offers many new and fresh ideas!

First of all, it’s gorgeous! Yes, summer can be beautiful with its lakes and grassy fields. But, you cannot escape the magic and serenity of winter. If you turn your head a certain way, the ice almost looks like crystals and diamonds.

The cold may make you tentative, but it should make you excited! The freezing weather gives you an excuse to use some of your favorite beverages: hot chocolate, spiced cider, and gourmet coffee! These beverage stations can be a great way to greet and warm up your guests. And believe me, they’ll be thankful.

Now, if you’re worried about being cold, this is a fantastic opportunity to dress up your gown. Add a fur coat or boots to your outfit. Even if you only use this for your pictures, it’ll be unique and chic, and not to mention, warm.



Your decorations will be to die for! Summer is about picnics and flowers, but winter offers something much more elegant. Remember what I said about the icicles? This is your chance to unleash your inner sparkle! Use crystals and put your mini candles into glass jars. It’s beautiful! A silver and blue theme can easily turn into a winter wonderland.

Sleigh Rides! Need I say more? Arrive or leave in a horse drawn carriage. Be that romantic movie you love. Or, better yet, offer sleigh rides to your guests throughout the night. That will be unforgettable.


Let’s talk honeymoons. It’s always fun to go somewhere tropical. But it will be even more fantastic if you go somewhere warm in the winter. And your anniversaries will give you the perfect excuse to escape the snow.

Or, maybe you like the snow. Go to Iceland. They have fantastic honeymoon igloos. And no, you won’t be cold.

A winter wedding is not just beautiful, it is also smart. Many catering companies and vendors are not as busy in the winter. You will never have to compete to be the center of attention. Furthermore, most companies offer discounts during the winter months. And, CK Catering is not an exception. We have discounts available for this season. For further information you can email us at or call us at 269-849-0693.

Some available winter venues are:

The Brick:

The Heritage Museum and Cultural Center:

Holland Fish and Game Club:

Journeyman Distillery:

The Morris Supper Club:

Sarett Nature Center:



Plates, Plates, and more Plates!!

Make your wedding unique and fresh! CK Catering is all about giving you options. And one great way to make your wedding unique is through your china. This may seem simple, but trust me, the china you choose can add a lot to your table settings.

Our various types of place settings are white, ivory, ivory with a gold-rim (right-side picture), and an eclectic vintage set (left-side pictures) from My Mother’s Attic ( If you would like something extra to add, you can consider renting our gold or silver chargers. Beautifully arranged beneath your plate, these decorative chargers add a touch of elegance to the venue. Or, if you’re interested in something more casual and eco-friendly, try our disposable bamboo plates. These plates are made from fallen bamboo leaves.


Each of these styles can give your wedding a unique and beautiful look. With all these different options, you can easily design your wedding to reflect your personality, whether that be country chic, classy elegance, or somewhere in between.





10 Creative Ideas for your Wedding!

Are you ready to start planning your wedding! As a caterer, I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, and I’ve seen it all! People often ask me, “Is it weird if I do…?” And I always tell them, “Of course not! It’s your wedding and anything goes.”

Here are 10 creative ideas to keep in mind!

  1. For your table numbers, have pictures of the bride and groom when they were that age. For table 1, show the wedding couple when they were 1, and so on.
  2. Another fun idea is to have each table represent a part of your relationship. I remember one couple that loved to play board games; so each of their tables was a different board game!
  3. It’s important to have a guest book at your wedding. Try having your guests make video recordings instead. Let them leave a video message for you. They can be notes of advice or funny messages. Either way, it’ll be something you can always look back on!
  4. Photo booths are always a hit! Bring out the funny hats and oversized sunglasses. It’ll give you a laugh and your friends another fun thing to do!
  5. For the bride: consider having two different dresses. Pick an elegant, princess ball gown for your ceremony. And then, for the reception, change into your white party dress!
  6. Do the bride and groom really know each other? Find out with the shoe game! Have your DJ or best man ask a serious of questions about the couple, where the answer is either the bride or groom, while they sit back to back. If the answer is the groom, they should both hold up the groom’s shoe; and the same for the bride. It’ll be funny to see if they agree.
  7. Some couples light paper lanterns and let them float through the sky. Once all your guests light one, it is absolutely beautiful!
  8. Instead of having your guests clink on their glasses to get you to kiss, tell the tables they need to sing the chorus from a song to get the wedding couple to kiss. It’ll be hilarious, and you’ll probably save some glasses from breaking.
  9. When your guests RSVP, have them write down 1-3 of their favorite songs to dance to. Then, give these songs to the DJ to play throughout the evening. That way, your dance floor is sure to be packed all night.
  10. FIREWORKS! At one of the coolest weddings I’ve ever been to, the couple ended their night with fireworks. In America, we use fireworks at our biggest celebration. If you’re wedding is near water, consider using fireworks to celebrate the biggest night of your life!

My Group Tasting Experience

Fabulous, friendly, and fun; this was my experience at CK Catering’s Group Tasting last month. There, I met the people who would make my wedding dreams come true!

I entered and heard the most charming music. Meg Rodgers sat playing her gorgeous harp. She played from a range of classical, pop, and Disney! (And she can play even more than that!) Each song floated through the room, creating a calm and relaxed feeling.

Candy and Jennifer gave me a full service package, a menu, a plate, and a fork. The disposable bamboo plates were sturdy, attractive, and a delightful alternative to the traditional foam plate.

The Tasting was held at the Heritage Museum and Cultural Center; which has two stories. This was a really neat feature. The group tasting was well attended, showing the popularity of CK Catering. As the majority of the couples wandered through Shepherd’s Hall and the Parlor on the main floor, I took the liberty of going upstairs to the museum.

The beef, salad, and dessert options drew me to the upper story. The food was indeed exceptional, but I was even more impressed with CK Catering’s customer service. At each food station, no matter the floor level, I was greeted with smiles and hospitality. Everyone asked about my wedding, not just to get my business, but to get to know me. They definitely earned points there.

CK Catering also invited over ten vendors. I hadn’t really thought about photographers or planners. Music and make-up had been far from my mind. But not anymore. I engaged in several one-on-one conversations (some lasting ten minutes) with wedding experts who sought to understand my wedding vision.  They didn’t just explain what they did; they focused on my desires, which was a wonderful change. I soon realized that the vendors would provide the high-end touches that would make my wedding amazing!

There were other vendors that offered special deals. One company even had me enter a drawing for a honeymoon trip to Mexico! That would have been incredible!

Melissa and Bob were at the CK Catering Information Table by the front of the main room, ready to answer all questions. Bob handed me beverage menus and late night snack options. My mouth still waters when I think of the quesadilla picture!

Melissa invited us to come over to her table and play with different accessories. With their numerous linen colors and glassware options, I was able to design my own table lay out. This hands-on approach was extremely helpful.

Before the group tasting, my wedding was still unclear to me. This was definitely changed at the end of the day. From the bacon wrapped dates to the pork tenderloin with mango salsa, I fell in love! Melissa and Bob showed me all the accessories: drinks, décor, colors, snacks, and more. The vendors asked questions that helped me realize exactly what I wanted. I can’t imagine planning my wedding without attending a group tasting.

CK Catering’s Next Group Tasting will be Held at

Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan

on Sunday, March 13th from 1pm-3pm

Register Now at

Some Other Vendors at the Group Tasting:

  • Liquor Locker, Beverage Specialist
  • Stella Event Design
  • Christine’s Confections
  • Wedding Belles
  • 1928 Planning Co.
  • Schades of Light
  • Sun Coast Trolley Co.
  • White Space Events
  • Sun-N-Sand
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Music Unlimited
  • Pancoast Photography
  • Mimi’s Cupcakes
  • Wedding Plus Events
  • Paparazzi Hair Salon



Destination Weddings

CK Catering was been working with couples for over 40 years. Located in charming Southwest Michigan, we continually work with brides and grooms from all across the country.

A very large percentage of our couples are from out of town. If you long to have a destination wedding, but are dreading the planning process; relax. We have the keys to creating superb weddings at each venue.

We know that if you live far away, it can be difficult to visit often. Regardless of where you live, when you contact CK Catering, we will help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Most of your planning can be handled over the phone or through email. We have top-notch tools, such as Google Drive, that will make your wedding planning flow smoothly on your end and ours. Furthermore, we are flexible and available to schedule short visits with you.

Our private and group tastings are offered for your convenience. Designed to make your wedding planning simple, we showcase a variety of different food and vendor options at our group tastings. If you would like additional information, arrange to have a private tasting. One of our planning experts will attend to you and answer your questions.

It is our goal to transform your wedding into a fun and stress-free event. We will become a part of your wedding team as we partner with you and your family. Call us now at 269-849-0693 to begin planning your destination wedding.

We Grill on Site!

One of the reasons CK Catering has become the leading catering business in Southwest Michigan during the last 12 years, is that we grill your food on site! This is a fairly unique gift that we are able to offer you. Not many catering companies will grill your food seconds before you eat it. Our mouth-watering food will be delivered, still steaming and delicious. We are able to do this because we have several grills; enough for each of our many elegant venues that we service in one night.

Many other catering companies do not have the provisions necessary to grill on site. They will cook all of your food in the kitchen and then bring it to your wedding. In this case, the food cannot taste as fresh as it does when it goes directly from the hot grill to your plate.

Other catering companies may have one or two grills, but in this case, they will have to pick and choose which weddings receive the fresh food. Or, these companies may even charge extra fees for the grills or chefs. At CK, this doesn’t happen. Our grills and experienced chefs are included in every wedding package. We make sure that every bride and groom is our first priority. Each couple is special to us and we will do anything we can to make your night perfect.

We know that dinner is an insanely important part of your wedding! Because of this, we guarantee that we will grill on site for your wedding. Your night will be filled with wondrous aromas that you can enjoy all night! You don’t have to worry whether or not your food will be fresh or hot. It will be. That’s a promise!

Why Attend a Group Tasting

Before you choose CK as your wedding caterer, you will probably want to experience CK in action. And, of course, you’ll want to taste the food; because that’s what it’s really all about.

The best way to help you decide whether CK is really right for you is to attend a Group Tasting. Group tastings are fabulous tools. At a tasting, you will be able to sample over 35 of our delicious food options; including entrees, sides, appetizers, desserts, salads, late night snacks, and more. With your menu in hand, you will get to do a side-by-side comparison of all your favorite foods. This is priceless because it will help you narrow down exactly what you want for your wedding.  If you schedule a personal tasting instead, while it is a good option, you will only be able to select up to 4 different food options. At a group tasting, you can try them all!

Along with sampling our delectable meal choices, you will also get to meet our staff in action. Most, if not all, of our experienced captains will be there, as well as many of our excellent wait staff. They will all be there to serve you and help you experience CK. You will even meet one of the co-owners, Bob, and our event planner and sales assistant Melissa. All of your many questions can be answered by these catering veterans.

Of course, although the food is a very important part of your big night, we know it is not the only important part. That is why we invite many different vendors to our group tastings. Not only will you get to try the food, but you will also meet many photographers, DJs, bakers, florists, event planners, lighting specialists, bartenders, and venue hosts. All of these vendors will partner with us, ensuring that your wedding will run smoothly and beautifully.

And last, but not least, you will get to sample our linens. When you choose CK Catering, the table and napkin linens will be included in most wedding packages. Here, you can see different colors and styles of napkin folds. Choosing the right linen color will make a great impact on your wedding, and we will make sure to help you pick what is right for you.

Because of all these reasons, we highly suggest that every couple register for one of CK Catering’s fabulous group tastings.

Our Styles of Service

One of the many things that make CK Catering such a fantastic catering company is that we have a variety of different options available when you begin planning your wedding. One of the things that you can choose to make your wedding unique is the style of service. CK has four different styles of service you can choose from: plated, family, buffet, and stationed.

If you’d like to serve your guests in a very sophisticated manner, then the plated dinner may be your best option. CK offers two packages for this service. The first is a dual plated dinner, where each plate will contain two entrées along with the sides. The second is plated with choices. With this option, guests will choose, when they RSVP, which entrée they would like to eat (i.e. champagne chicken, beef tenderloin, or grilled salmon). Each guest will have his meal brought directly to his seat.

However, if you want to be more inclusive on your big night, you might choose family style. In this style of service, four or five dishes, each with enough food to feed the entire group, will be brought out to every table. The guests will pass the platters around, sharing as friends and family.

But perhaps you are a more relaxed couple, or you have that, ‘do it yourself’ attitude. Then look no further than either our buffet or stationed style of service. This is a very low maintenance way to serve all of your guests and to ensure that they have just the right amount of food. With our buffet service, guests will walk through our double sided buffet line and choose whatever looks good. The stationed service is similar, although the food will be located at different stations throughout the room.

Of course, if you have different courses; for example: salad, dinner, and dessert; you may choose to mix and match these styles of service in whatever way sounds best to you. We are here to serve you and make your night as special as it can be.




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