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My Group Tasting Experience

Fabulous, friendly, and fun; this was my experience at CK Catering’s Group Tasting last month. There, I met the people who would make my wedding dreams come true!

I entered and heard the most charming music. Meg Rodgers sat playing her gorgeous harp. She played from a range of classical, pop, and Disney! (And she can play even more than that!) Each song floated through the room, creating a calm and relaxed feeling.

Candy and Jennifer gave me a full service package, a menu, a plate, and a fork. The disposable bamboo plates were sturdy, attractive, and a delightful alternative to the traditional foam plate.

The Tasting was held at the Heritage Museum and Cultural Center; which has two stories. This was a really neat feature. The group tasting was well attended, showing the popularity of CK Catering. As the majority of the couples wandered through Shepherd’s Hall and the Parlor on the main floor, I took the liberty of going upstairs to the museum.

The beef, salad, and dessert options drew me to the upper story. The food was indeed exceptional, but I was even more impressed with CK Catering’s customer service. At each food station, no matter the floor level, I was greeted with smiles and hospitality. Everyone asked about my wedding, not just to get my business, but to get to know me. They definitely earned points there.

CK Catering also invited over ten vendors. I hadn’t really thought about photographers or planners. Music and make-up had been far from my mind. But not anymore. I engaged in several one-on-one conversations (some lasting ten minutes) with wedding experts who sought to understand my wedding vision.  They didn’t just explain what they did; they focused on my desires, which was a wonderful change. I soon realized that the vendors would provide the high-end touches that would make my wedding amazing!

There were other vendors that offered special deals. One company even had me enter a drawing for a honeymoon trip to Mexico! That would have been incredible!

Melissa and Bob were at the CK Catering Information Table by the front of the main room, ready to answer all questions. Bob handed me beverage menus and late night snack options. My mouth still waters when I think of the quesadilla picture!

Melissa invited us to come over to her table and play with different accessories. With their numerous linen colors and glassware options, I was able to design my own table lay out. This hands-on approach was extremely helpful.

Before the group tasting, my wedding was still unclear to me. This was definitely changed at the end of the day. From the bacon wrapped dates to the pork tenderloin with mango salsa, I fell in love! Melissa and Bob showed me all the accessories: drinks, décor, colors, snacks, and more. The vendors asked questions that helped me realize exactly what I wanted. I can’t imagine planning my wedding without attending a group tasting.

CK Catering’s Next Group Tasting will be Held at

Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan

on Sunday, March 13th from 1pm-3pm

Register Now at

Some Other Vendors at the Group Tasting:

  • Liquor Locker, Beverage Specialist
  • Stella Event Design
  • Christine’s Confections
  • Wedding Belles
  • 1928 Planning Co.
  • Schades of Light
  • Sun Coast Trolley Co.
  • White Space Events
  • Sun-N-Sand
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Music Unlimited
  • Pancoast Photography
  • Mimi’s Cupcakes
  • Wedding Plus Events
  • Paparazzi Hair Salon




Why Attend a Group Tasting

Before you choose CK as your wedding caterer, you will probably want to experience CK in action. And, of course, you’ll want to taste the food; because that’s what it’s really all about.

The best way to help you decide whether CK is really right for you is to attend a Group Tasting. Group tastings are fabulous tools. At a tasting, you will be able to sample over 35 of our delicious food options; including entrees, sides, appetizers, desserts, salads, late night snacks, and more. With your menu in hand, you will get to do a side-by-side comparison of all your favorite foods. This is priceless because it will help you narrow down exactly what you want for your wedding.  If you schedule a personal tasting instead, while it is a good option, you will only be able to select up to 4 different food options. At a group tasting, you can try them all!

Along with sampling our delectable meal choices, you will also get to meet our staff in action. Most, if not all, of our experienced captains will be there, as well as many of our excellent wait staff. They will all be there to serve you and help you experience CK. You will even meet one of the co-owners, Bob, and our event planner and sales assistant Melissa. All of your many questions can be answered by these catering veterans.

Of course, although the food is a very important part of your big night, we know it is not the only important part. That is why we invite many different vendors to our group tastings. Not only will you get to try the food, but you will also meet many photographers, DJs, bakers, florists, event planners, lighting specialists, bartenders, and venue hosts. All of these vendors will partner with us, ensuring that your wedding will run smoothly and beautifully.

And last, but not least, you will get to sample our linens. When you choose CK Catering, the table and napkin linens will be included in most wedding packages. Here, you can see different colors and styles of napkin folds. Choosing the right linen color will make a great impact on your wedding, and we will make sure to help you pick what is right for you.

Because of all these reasons, we highly suggest that every couple register for one of CK Catering’s fabulous group tastings.

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